Very interesting job this... We had a received massive list of things to cover from the client. Quite over whelming at first, but with a tourist destination as diverse as the the GOLD COAST, I could see why they were keen to capture as much of it as possible.
There is always a solution I say, so we went for it. We dragged together the "A" team keep the the group small and super efficient. Shot with the RED EPIC cameras again, as there was no way of completing over 120+ different shots in 5 days with anything else. Knowing that a lot of our shots were going to end up in the press and bill borads from the 5k Raw files. Which couldn't be done with conventional cine cameras. A couple of GO PRO III's came out to play for those fiddly shots that cannot be got from a normal sized camera. It was one of the jobs, that had everyone running, shooting 15+ hours a day, the producers were run ragged !
Client and Ad agency were fantastic, they just let me to go for it... Very thankful they did, or we would never have been able to complete the list.
Nancy and James. Thanks for the job. Great to work with you guys finally !.
Thank you to Keri. Huge effort !.
Ooooh and forgot to say that the music was created by an amazing Emmy award winning composer Chris Elves.

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