A topic intimately familiar to anyone with experience in machine shorthand: Briefing and phrasing. With all the controversy and opinions out there, where does one start?? Well, I have read more posts than I can count and have received HEAPS of emails/fb messages asking me for my take re this very issue. So in this edition of the stanographer vlog, I talk about my general observations regarding this topic as well as offer a few pointers from the viewpoint of somebody who writes very short.

Please note that anything I phrase as imperative in this video is meant to be suggestion only. Only you can decide what techniques and writing styles suit your particular psychological/biological "equipment." If something I say does not jibe with your fingers/brain, to hell with it! Do you.

Thanks to:

- Naomi Shapiro for letting me use her compy to produce this.
- Chris Sundita (conf.ling.cornell.edu/csundita/) for proofreading my IPA. He's a linguist and polyglot. Please do consult/contact him if you have room for a brilliant linguistic talent!
- UW Media Center: Guess how I obtained a copy of iMovie '11 for freeeee :].
- Jade's Stenoquery and ECRS
- Jason Pardikes for the Infinity.
- Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, Madeon, Martin Solveig for being fucking amazing.
- VIMEO for kicking YouTube's ass.

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