Slip It on is a new ground-breaking safe sex campaign featuring a series of pop art-inspired bananas aiming to make condom use more a-peel-ing for gay men in NSW.

Over two decades into the HIV epidemic, condoms remain the most effective way to prevent HIV as well as a range of other sexually transmissible infections (STIs). HIV rates have been stable in NSW for the last 10 years because most gay men use condoms most of the time. However using condoms for safe sex is an important message for everyone and one that never goes out of style.

The campaign has taken inspiration from 1960s pop art, and the humble banana, to produce an iconic image that encourages the use of condoms.

The banana is healthy, highly visible and widely available, just like condoms should be. Many of us can probably even remember the banana from demonstrations in our high school Sex Ed class!

In an Australian first, various fashion and lifestyle brands will help promote the campaign’s safe sex message by including the Slip It On logo in their own marketing and publicity.

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