The Pirate of Love is an animated documentary about an outsider musician, Daniel C.

A CD filled with love songs was circulating in my hometown Reykjavik, Iceland. The story goes that it was stolen from a man by the name of Daniel C, out of his locker by four co-workers who liked the music and made copies for themselves. Nobody really knows who he is. This is an oral history that follows one mans soulful songs of love, pride and loneliness.
On May 13th 2013 I recieved a message about Daniel C´s whereabouts.
The Pirate of Love Vol. II is in the making.

The Pirate of Love was nominated for Student Academy Awards 2013 -Alternative

Screened at:
Animated Dreams 
Reykjavik International Film Festival
Thin Line Texas
New Directors / New Films MoMA & Lincoln Center
Rockland Shorts
Fest ANCA slovakia
Short not Pants
The Flatpack Festival -Honorable mention
Future Shorts
Pop Montreal
1 Reel Film Festival
Animage Brazil

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