Joori Jung is Artistic Director and Choreographer of artLab J. Originally from Seoul, Korea, she received her B.A (2006) and M.A in dance from Kyung Hee University in 2008. She toured internationally with the Seoul Dance Theatre from 2004-2007 and she was Final list Performance at the 2007 Seoul International Dance Competition and 3st prize performance at the 2007 Korea National Dance Competition.

She worked The Chrystal dance project, Youngme Kim, Jeong- on Moon, Kyungsil Choi, Sooyoung Kim, Hyejin Ahn, Ahneunme dance company After she moved to NYC in 2009 and Joined Time Lapse Dance and Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre in 2009 and worked Yoo & Dancers and she began her own choreographic work in NY.
She presented the work ‘4GO’ (2005), ‘Electronic Smog’ (2007), ‘Hug’ (2007), ‘Aroma of tea’ (2010), ‘0’ (2011), ‘Invite’ (2011), In Between (2012).

Video captured and edited by Spread Art

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