Watch as Joshua represents the Milwaukee Fire Department Explorer Post 875 when he competes against 62 other Firefighter Explorers from Fire Depts. throughout Southeast Wisconsin in the 5th annual Firefighter Explorers Agility challenge. Joshua takes second place overall with a time of 1 min. 59 sec.

The Firefighter Explorer agility challenge is a demanding 5-event physical challenge that Explorer firefighters from southeast Wisconsin area participate in and try to complete with the fastest time while wearing full turnout gear.

The first event is the High Rise Carry. This challenge consists of a 25 lbs. hose which must be carried up several flights of stairs without the use of the hand rail.

The second event is the Hose Rope Pull. Using a hand-over-hand motion, the Competitor must pull up a 42 pound donut hose roll and pull it through the window.

The third event is the Forcible Entry challenge. This event simulates a firefighter breaking down a door or wall to enter a burning building. In this challenge, the firefighter stands over a 160 lb. beam. They must slam a nine-pound sledgehammer into the beam until the beam moves five feet.

The fourth challenge is the Hose Advance. This simulates a firefighter running from a fire engine towards a near by fire pulling 150' of 3" hose. They must drop the nozzle in the designated area.

The fifth and final event is the Victim Rescue. This event simulates a firefighter removing a victim from a fire as quickly as possible to save the victim from injury. A 180 lb. mannequin must be picked up from the ground, grabbed from behind, and dragged backwards 100 ft. The time stops when the feet of the victim cross the finish line

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