The Teen London project was developed by Exposure Organisation ( as a way for young people to express themselves and discuss their lives in a light hearted manner. Scripting the shows themselves, the productions also offered the young people the opportunity to be a part of a professional film crew.

As well as supervising this project I edited it and produced the visual effects.

Ryan - Denzel Assiamah
Edwin - Stephen Antony
Chanel - Bessie Hitchins
Aysha - Rebecca Fallowfield
Head Bully - Louis Payne
Bully - Alexander Kuffour-Boateng
Head teacher, Ms Edwards - Victoria May
Roxanne, Ryan's mum - Siam Hurlock
Teacher 1 - Gillian McGregor
Teacher 2 - Michael Warburton
Teacher 3 - Andreas Koumi
Aysha's dad - Ravi Aujla
Aysha's best friend - Faith Yellbeck
Edwin's mum - Amee Smith
Edwin's dad - Enrico Tessarin
Chanel's posse - Alisha May, Arianna, Irene Artibani
Other students - Josh Robin Thorpe, Farhaan Uddin, Montanta Golding, Shannun Shamay, Khine Shardlow, Benjamin Okeiyi, Nsukami Aaron-Kama, Bahaucatt Fox

Creator and Executive Producer - Andreas Koumi
Producer - Enrico Tessarin
Associate Producer - Florence Codjoe
Director / DOP - Mirko Pincelli
Editor and VFX - Max Sycamore
Script Editors - Max Sycamore, Enrico Tessarin, Andreas Koumi, Flo Codjoe, Gary Flavell
Graphic Designer - Luke Pantelidou
2nd Unit DOP - Stefan Yap
Camera Assistants - Jalil Gibson, Gareth Fient, Sammie Hatter
Script Development - Simone Morris, Amina Walaa, Jessica Michael, Elif Mazi, Rebecca Longe, Jason Walters, Matthew Dixon, Sammie Hatter, Luke Dixon, Jerome Ghartey, Abdul Aroun, Marius Bacher, Juliette Kamzol, Pien Visser
Funders - Team London (Mayor of London & Reuben Foundation) & Youth in Action (British Council)

Original concept developed by the young people of Exposure.

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