Client: P&CO

Ricki Hall

Pippa Holland
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Tattoo Artist:
Adrian Cipollone
Kings Cross Tattoo London

Artist: The White Lies
Track: Strangers
Album: Ritual
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I've known P&Co for a while now. We've always discussed ideas together but our schedules never lined up to work together. Thankfully we were able to nail something down.

The company linked up with model Ricki Hall to collaborate on a collection together, so this is a little teaser to showcase their work together. The idea was to film the tattoo and link the line in. So I mentioned why dont we have a little play on locations throughout London to link in his meet up with Tattoo Artist Adrian Cipollone.

It was my first shoot with Ricki...despite his handsome looks he is also a really nice guy and we had a blast on the shoot.

It was a great day although the london weather was very up and down.

We only had from about 4:30pm til about 8:30-9pm to nail everything

I think we all got what we wanted to achieve which was nice

Also big thanks to my Betty for helping out on the day

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