A film by Peter Bill

Sponsored by the
Grant County
Trails Group

Made possible by
Community Enhancement Fund
Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation
and Grant County Community Health Council

Walking trails has always been important to me. From growing up walking old Quinnipiac trails back in Connecticut, to Hiking in the Boy scouts and at Reed College in Oregon- I think I came to understand who I am on a trail. I am not a fast walker, I always stop to smell the roses or watch the clouds. A few years back I had complications from surgery, and one and half of my two lungs collapsed! Slowly I rehabilitated, going for long walks, first on the flats, then venturing into the hills. Gradually my lungs got stronger, and my strength returned. Fast or slow, walking helps you think, and keeps you healthy.

Part of my notion of how I teach is the metaphor of walking a trail. I am walking down an intellectual path with my students- I am not leading them like a shepherd- it is more we are following the same way in concert, and along the route we stop and talk about where we are going and where the different paths might lead.

When Claire came to me with a notion of making a film about walking trails in Grant County, I jumped at the opportunity. Walking a trail is a thoughtful exercise. Our society needs to thoughtfully imagine a better future, and what path we need to get there.

Professor Peter Bill, artist and film maker

Narrated by
Raul Turrieta

Community Interviews
Jessa Tumposky
Axan Sanchez
Julian Sanchez
Chispa the dog
Eric Eng
Jamie Thomson
Ben Williams
Chris Schlabach
Raul Turrieta
Serrina Turrieta
Kelly Osuna
Isa Lee
Theodore Muñiz
Dr. Joseph Shepard

Anna Davis

Timelapse and Production assistants:
Junchen Huang, Cedric Hayes, Jacquie Nichols, Ali Jensen

Our thanks to:

Freeport McMoRan, Town of Silver City;
WNMU; iDEAlab, U.S. Forest Service/Gila National Forest,
and all promoters of trails and open space–
and supporters of healthy outdoor activities.

In Memoriam
Harry the dog

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