Live concert footage of the Superhumanoids was shot with a BMCC at the Observatory of Santa Ana during the bands opening act for the Cold War Kids. The BMCC held up very well . We also shot some footage with a Canon 6D but it was rendered unusable by the concert lighting.

The concert footage was shot mostly in RAW format and treated in Resolve where it was exported as ProRes HQ and then brought into Lightroom 4 for the color grade. I used one of VSCO’s presets from their v3 pack. I tweaked the color and exposures a bit as well. It was a major challenge given the dynamic color changes in concert lighting. I then exported from LR as Max Quality and edited it in FCPX

The non-concert footage was all shot with an FS100 and a Metabones Speed Booster Adapter. I shot it all in 60p and most of it as wide open as I could to give a dreamy feel I was desiring.

LENSES with the FS: Canon 50 f1.2 , Canon 100mm f/2.8 mk11 , Rokinon 24 f1.4, Sigma Art series 35 f1.4 ( sweet lens)
LENSES with the BMCC: Canon 24-70mm mk11, Canon 8-15mm

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