Its been a Interestring last 2 Week with Magic Latern Canon Raw.
i have Jump on the RAW Train 2 week ago & could not stop until i had it working
Its at a point now that its Stable to put in Production for paid work,
i recorded on june 1st a full 32 GB card = 7.633 Mintue.
i upload a sample with minimal Color Grading.
Now if you what to record Raw the only camera that can do full HD right now is the
5D Mark iii, and the 5D Mark ii dose just under that .
Other EOS camera can shoot raw but, the limitation is the Memory Card.
SD card are to slow for full HD, i have heard of people capturing 720p and under.
The CF Card are really the only ones that can record beening there in the 100 to 150 MB/s write/read.
But Magic Latern is working on a way to drop the Sample Rate from 14 bit to 10 & 12 bit
i have seen some of the tests, and it just around the corner.

The Work Flow is a little rough right now, the best way to keep the Quality the i found
is when you are done extracting the Raw file to DNG's image sequence
i import into Photoshop do a multi file process to TIFF 16 bit 240dpi with color Balance no grading
save the image sequence .
Open Adobe After Effect import Tiff's export/render to mov. or what flavor you what.
i use my MacPro for AE because i can render out as a ProRes 4444 with trillion plus, as far as i know
thats 16 bit or at least 12 bit.
Used my Desktop overclock AMD-FX PC for Adobe Photoshop, has 2 GPU's .

To get a real apperaction for the image download the original file 291Mb mp4 file

Shot June 1st/2013 about 6:00pm
off my Deck pointing northwest in Red Deer, Alberta,Can.
ML ISO 50, with 50mm Sigma f1.4 EX DG @ f2.2 Variable ND
stop down 50%

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