15min 32sec / color, b&w / stereo / January 15, 2013

This video consists of archives of memories.
They don’t have relationships each other but they are used to construct a story about “seeing”.
Images in this video may become another memory for those watched this video in the future.
Actually memory is so ambiguous in some cases.

It’s “Man without a movie camera”.

licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0

"Tokyo by Night on a Roof" from Thomas Maire vimeo.com/7024837
"Alone in Kyoto" from Michael__McLean vimeo.com/1619317
"weekend diaries" from anshul chauhan vimeo.com/41773219
"That world was bigger" from moosecry vimeo.com/41908712
"Japan Montage" from Phillip Mansfield vimeo.com/7340726
"Gujo Hachiman" from momo vimeo.com/26670532
"Whitewater Rafting on the Tone River" from Tak Yoshida vimeo.com/29494636
"Hometown" from Daisuke Inoue vimeo.com/24224922
"Onboard 2009" from Fertta.TV vimeo.com/24372163
"Japan in Spring part 8 Atami & Disneyland" from Amadeo JB vimeo.com/13228080
"HASHIMA, Japan, 2002 documentary version" from Thomas Nordanstad vimeo.com/2044441
"Japan (1960)" Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org from House.Resource.Org (Public Domein)
"Shinjuku Station" from AmateurTourGuide vimeo.com/20065116
"Shinjuku Station, Friday Midnight" from Thomas Maire vimeo.com/5860478
"Narrow Street" from Javier Gallen vimeo.com/3407947
"Tokyo Dusk 2012-06-06" from Will Hains vimeo.com/43529313
"Tokyo I" from Pierrick ROMEUF vimeo.com/46146878
"Scenes from Tokyo, in and around Shibuya Crossing" from Anthony Trotter vimeo.com/17050101
"Moonrise Over Ueno" from Anthony Trotter vimeo.com/6891563
"2010 Tokyo Midtown Christmas Light-up Camera & Vimeo Test 720p" from Hideki Francis Onda vimeo.com/17700163
"Awake in Tokyo" from Kyle Brady vimeo.com/36740051
"tokyo night bus" from Ken Edwards vimeo.com/16777483
"Day 13" from Kris Littlefield vimeo.com/49285251
"Tokyo Under Snow" from Thomas Maire vimeo.com/23362164
"Nozawa pow" from Linus Zetterlund vimeo.com/31638824
"Another day in Niseko..." from CHRIS BARNES vimeo.com/36941069
"Japan 2011" from Atte Hynninen vimeo.com/39655116
"Creatures in Kaiyukan" from Jim Kapsalis vimeo.com/33510094
"Japan" from Nick & Dan Crawford vimeo.com/34995121
"Mini Sumo" from Mollitallica vimeo.com/24214109
"Tokyo First Night Fireworks 1" from DoAn Forest vimeo.com/15651526
"Bon Odori People" from Stefan Lee vimeo.com/45819518
"Gujo Odori" from momo vimeo.com/26619362
"Koriyama Uneme Matsuri 2011" from Tom Williams vimeo.com/27687443
"Sea Bream Festival at Toyohama, Japan" from momo vimeo.com/26835095
"A Day Downtown" from Nick Kurtz vimeo.com/1130816
"Gai Jin Ga_Signes of Japan" from Rocco Giansante vimeo.com/24431877
"The Sacred Three Do Japan" from Alexandre de Bellefeuille vimeo.com/39595944
"Hairy Situation" from Mollitallica vimeo.com/11180497
"Tokio - ein Stadtspaziergang (walk through the city), German comments" from Oliver Reik vimeo.com/1159148
"Tokyo October 2011" from Lee Bradley vimeo.com/33553772
"Japan in Spring part 9Tokyo´s Imperial Palace & Ginza" from Amadeo JB vimeo.com/13233828
"Day 4" from Kris Littlefield vimeo.com/36669878
"Tokyo International Forum" from andrearusky vimeo.com/17583529
"Dawn Aoni / Hakuba Nagano Japan" from ubs73 vimeo.com/24040793
"house in sunami" from kazunori Fujimoto vimeo.com/29293484
"naoshima, JAPAN" from zini Park vimeo.com/42493706
"Sol naciente" from natalia castaneda vimeo.com/38699042
"Made in Japan" from JAM Flicks vimeo.com/34526915
"Respect Iz Important" from michelangelo magasic vimeo.com/46921415

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