ProspectusNow by Brandon Whitwell-Mak

Junkspace is endless, Architecture is not.

My Prospectus documents my current opinions on architecture. After gaining inspiration from Koolhaus’ Junkspace and connecting parts of the text with current affairs in the media. I decided to become critical of my current briefs and begin to re-write and develop them in order establish architectural projects and ideas which I am fascinated by. I made some current briefs Junk and made my own briefs or improved them in order to establish a principle for my current architectural ideas.

I took this idea further and decided to improve a number of first year briefs and edit intermediate and diploma unit briefs which interested me. By highlighting key aspects, I made a catalogue of my architectural ideas and created a new prospectus for the school which includes my ideas of architecture that have the potential to be great future projects.

ProspectusNow is a summary of my ArchitectureNow. The text which gained my curiosity from Junkspace did so by gaining my approval and disapproval. It did not only develop into five new briefs, but also distinguished my current five points of architecture.

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