Sunset after heavy rain squalls and thunderstorms had passed through.

Music by Enya: "Deireadh An Tuath" from the album The Celts.

It is the Moon,
late in the night.
It is the Sun.
Stay with me forever.

It is Samhna, [1]
beginning of the New Year.
It's the dead tree.
End of the tribe.

[1] "Samhna" is the genitive singular case of "Samhain", which is the name given to the first day of November. This day was a very large feast in pagan, especially Celtic, tradition. It was one of the most important festivals of the year. (The month of November is "Mí na Samhna" in Irish and "Oíche Shamhna" is the Irish for Halloween.)

Irish Gaelic
Deireadh an Tuath
End of the Tribe
'Sí an ghealach,
mall san oíche.
'Sí an ghrian.
Fán liom go deo.
Hoireann is O Hi O Ho ra Ha.
'Sí na Samhna,
tús na Bliain Úr.
'Sí an crann marbh.
Deireadh an tua.
Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.
Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.

Translation information from here:

2013-06-02 video captured with an ATOMOS Ninja2 from a Nikon D800E.

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