Locast is an innovative platform for sharing and discovering location-based user-generated videos and production quality multimedia content. It consists of a combination of mobile and wearable computing elements supported by a distributed Web application.

Content gathered from RAI TV’s (Italian public broadcaster) historical archives and user-generated media are linked to physical locations in Venice in order to be accessible to all those visiting the space. Locast shifts the focus from the wide-spread concept of Web2.0 to the promising scenario of Space2.0 that keeps the physical and social qualities of the urban space and augment it with the potential offered by pervasive computing. Starting from the uniqueness of the Italian cities’ heritage, Locast superimposes a layer that corresponds to its hybrid-content collection.

Locast - Tourism is not just a location-based media project. In fact, it embraces the entire experience starting from the moment when you organize your visit until when you are back home, showing your souvenirs to friends and parents. In particular, Locast tools improve each of the 4 phases of the touristic experience: Organizing your trip, Traveling, Discover & Share, and Keeping in touch.
During the visit, Locast offers to users the tools to build personalized itineraries, download the content in proximity of Points of Interests and watch them on their handsets. Users can also perform a number of other actions such as contribute with new videos to Locast repository, follow recommended media itineraries, modify them and share experiences along their social network.

Core team:
Federico Casalegno, David Boardman, Orkan Telhan, Steve Pomeroy, Lily Fu

More info:

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