Title: Lights Out - in 90 Seconds
Byline: A Wakeboard Project - Made for the fun of it

Back in may 2013 we had about 4 hours of complete darkness, to get the maximum effect form the emergency flares. Smoke was needed for texture and a smoke canon was mounted on a raft together with a generator. We had to constantly move the raft, depending on the wind to get the smoke in the right place, making it a true challenge for the rider. Charging straight into a cloud of smoke to hit a jump, blinded by the powerful light and not being able to see when you hit the ever-dark water, truly showed the skill of Andreas Kjærgaard.

This project was made just for the fun of it. I’m lucky to have friends with skills who like to play. We spend the entire night in cold salt water with expensive camera gear always at risk. All I heard in the cold silent night was laughs.

Made by:
Camera & Edit Klaus Elmer
2th Camera Nikolaj Jungersen
Rider Andreas Kjærgaard
Complimentary footage Andreas Bjørn
Sound recordings by Jesper Borgstrøm
Cable Operator: Mads Bille Bloch
Smoke man Kasper Kiertzner

Copenhagen Cable Park

Sura (Remix by Matta)

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