Based on Polaroids taken over a period of four years, Home on the Strange: In Search of the Salton Sea depicts various aspects of the reality of life on the Salton Sea. In her trademark style of haunting American Realism, Deborah Martin skillfully and subtly examines concepts of worth and beauty and begs compelling questions about the psychology of place and the search for a sense of home.

Filmmaker Juli Vizza accompanied Martin on trips to the Salton Sea, taking film footage of the environs that inspired the series. What results is a masterfully pieced together visual translation of the unspoken language between landscape and painter, establishing the context that exists between a series of snapshot frames, where still life and life in motion intersect.

In the Publication Home on the Strange in Search of the Salton Sea Amy Sather Smith contributes text to supplement Martin’s paintings, providing a history of the Salton Sea and examining the dreams that originally attracted people to the area as well as the psychology that compels some to stay and others to still arrive.

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