The Introducing Series
RoofTop Dance Introduces 13 performance-based artists in 13 days
At The Window at 125 at The Roger Smith Hotel

Day 12: Walter Dunderville

As makers and performers, artists occupy more space than just the stage with their presence. They constantly inhabit public, administrative, economic, cultural, internal, and political spaces; in this way the borders that contain what it means to “make art” are often unable to resist the blur of the artist working within them.

These 11 artists, who represent a broad range of young makers and experienced performers, exhibited their presence in The Window at 125 for a full 12-hour day; how they accomplished this, what bodies and non-bodies they utilized to do so, and the aesthetics of that presence was entirely up to them.

Walter Dundervill

Walter Dundervill’s choreography has been presented at Dance Theater Workshop, the Chocolate Factory, Movement Research at Judson Church, the Solo in Azione Festival in Milan Italy (via MR’s MRX program), and Participant, Inc. In December 2012, he was one of the choreogrpahers in residence at the New Museum for MR’s Judson at 50 series. He has received Bessie Awards as a performer in RoseAnne Spradlin’s under/world, for the costume design of Luciana Achugar’s Puro Deseo, and for the visual design of his own choreography Aesthetic Destiny 1: Candy Mountain. As a dancer, Walter has performed for RoseAnne Spradlin, DD Dorvillier, and Keeley Garfield. Walter is a 2012/13 Studio Series resident at New York Live Arts. He was a 2010/2011 Movement Research AIR and a co-curator of the MR 2010 Spring Festival.

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Created by Danika Druttman
Producer: Rooftop Dance
Video by John Birdsong and Travon Surgeon

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