Here's my video from the two months travel around Europe. Visited the more famous countries for PK namely Amsterdam (for 3tims), Belgium, Paris, Barcelona, UK, Copenhagen and Vienna! Met crazyloads of people whom lent me a place to stay/showed me around/train together with, had so much fun times and it's good to reminisce about them by making this video. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, feels great to be able to say that I've BEEN to all these countries, and DONE the jumps :D

Had like 170gb worth of footage so you can understand how hard it was to gather the best footage into one video, didn't wanna make it too long for viewers yet it's impossible to not keep it too short because there were just so many good clips. Hopefully this 15:45mins of your time was well spent! Wish that it could inspire you guys to travel too.

It was initially on YouTube, but it got removed due to copyright. So here it is, on Vimeo!

Huge inspirations from Adventures of the Johnnys, Chaps on Tour and Isenseven's Times for the edit. Music in the credits. :) Can't wait to travel again in two years time! PK + Travel = Best thing 5evr!

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