A school of rainbow runners visited our flasher. Travis shot one, and, as he worked the fish in, he pointed out a bull shark draped in cobia. Toby also pointed the bull out using the stump of a chummed up bait fish. As Travis and Toby performed work to attract big fish (thanks guys), Mike and I descended to get a shot on the cobia. As we dove, the bands of another diver went off behind us. The bull stayed course with his cobia mates as the school of the redirected rainbow runners collided with the bull.

Right when the rainbow runners and bull shark exchanged greetings, Mike lined up a fat cobia and pulled the trigger. He stoned the 48 lb cobia in his tracks, which is probably why at the end of the video he didn't realize he even hit it.

Travis shoots rainbow runner
Toby wields fish stump
Rainbow runner attracts bull shark
Cobia follows bull shark
Mike shoots cobia

Diver: Mike Bahr
48 lb Cobia
South Florida

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