Originally posted to the ParenthoodProdz YouTube channel on April 17, 2013. The song caused it to suddenly become blocked worldwide recently, stupid copyright laws and whatnot. So now here it is.

Original description:
Our 10th collab! This one is about many of the female characters on the show. We did a male-characters collab set to a depressing song ("Echo" by Jason Walker): youtube.com/watch?v=zcqJrvA_CrY and now this is our female equivalent, an angst-filled females one.

Here in this collab, we have included most of the starring female characters except not Camille nor Jasmine - Jasmine was in our "Today My Life Begins" character collab, though, and both women will be featured in our next collab.

So that means we vidded 3 of the 5 main mothers of the show - Sarah, Julia, and Kristina - plus all 3 of the non-infant female kids - Haddie, Amber, Sydney.

Also assigned to people are the non-starring (but recurring) female characters Zoe, Amy, and Gaby.

Anyway, we all hope you like the collab! I (luvtheheaven5, the person who is typing this description) rendered it in 720p HD and did the coloring and watermarks myself. ;) Let me know what you think of those if you'd like, and please let everyone know what you think of their parts!! :D

We hope you all enjoy it.

Um... last order of business:
If you'd like to join our collab group, you may!! If you are a vidder who likes the show, PLEASE consider joining us! I have download links that I can provide to you for every episode of the show in 350 MB .avi format if not having clips/episodes to work with is the problem. You would not be required to participate in every collab, only the ones where you have time and you also like the idea. And any editing software is totally fine. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. Just let me know by sending me a message. ;)

Song: Stand in the Rain
Artist: Superchick
Lyrics: azlyrics.com/lyrics/superchick/standintherain.html

Here's who participated:

Opening titles & Part 1: Lizziesplaace (Sarah)
Part 2: 7thxheavenxx (Haddie)
Part 3: arke25 (Zoe)
Part 4: Nomi CR (Amber)
Part 5: presidentgilmore (Sydney)
Part 6: bookwormkehprodz (Julia)
Part 7: SeanPaulProductions (Kristina)
Part 8: vivaciousFanatic (Amy)
Part 9: luvtheheaven5 (Gaby)


Amber: Every time you talk about your life being a mistake, all I hear is that my whole existence is a mistake!

Sydney: You want to spend more time with Victor!
Julia: Oh, Sweetie, that's not true.
Sydney: Yes it is! In case you forgot, I was here first.

Joel: Listen to your mom.
Victor: She's not my mom.

Julia: I can't do it! It's too much.

Gaby: It can sometimes feel a little thankless.

Max: I don't like you!
Crosby: Hey!
Max: You're useless!

Crosby: Are you okay?
Gaby: I'm used to it.

Gaby: I'm not going to... be able to work with Max anymore.

Gaby: Goodbye, Crosby.

Kristina: I hope my brother in law was worth it, 'cause he's not the only one you screwed here.

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