My name is Sarah. I’m a volunteer with the Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada. The Rescue is a nationwide organization. We’re all volunteer-run, so we don’t actually have a physical space. Year-to-year we rehome approximately about 70 to 100 dogs. We are based primarily in foster homes throughout Canada – east coast, west coast, central – all over. We’re very fortunate. BTRC does have a really great group. We’re all very supportive of each other. I mean, you can’t have a Boston Terrier and not have a sense of humour. They’re really goofy dogs.

There are many advantages to going the route of rescue. With rescue organizations, many of them are breed-specific. If you are looking for a particular breed, it is easier to find a dog that might be suitable for your family. Additionally, the rescue volunteers will be able to give you advice that is specific to that breed. If you have questions like what are common ailments, what are common behavioural problems – those types of things – you’ll be able to find those answers within a rescue organization. Another thing that is great about rescue is that they have better understanding of the dog – of the dog’s personality, its likes, its dislikes, what its requirements are going to be for a home in terms of its activity level. If it’s going to be suitable to be in a home with other animals – dogs or cats – as well as if it’s going to be suitable to be in a home with children, which is something that’s really important to take into consideration.

With rescue, one thing that I always say, too, is that if you adopt through a rescue organization, you are not only saving the life that you adopt, but you’re also making room for more dogs; you’re not only helping the dog you bring home, but you’re helping another dog out there that might be in need of assistance.

Another thing that you will find when you go through a rescue organization is that they do screen candidates for adopting any of the dogs with the organization. For some people, this might seem strange, but it is a very important part of the process. The reason why is because it ensures that they’re matching up the right animal with the right family, so that there’s less of a chance for disappointment in terms of family and also for the dog or the cat.

If you’re going to own a Boston Terrier, you’d better be prepared for a few things. Number one is having a clown in your house. Number two is having a lot of farts. They’re very gassy dogs. That’s something you just have to have a sense of humour about.

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