The conflict between exploitation and conservation of the world’s natural resources is at a tipping point – and the oceans are the most volatile battle- ground. Surprisingly, sharks, the creatures we fear most, are battling for survival, putting our oceans – and our-selves – in dire peril.

The sharks are in desperate need of guardian angels, and we just might be their last hope. No longer willing to sit by and witness a looming extinction with global ramifications, three determined women have joined forces to lead one of the most daunting and dangerous conservation missions on the planet.

We are fearless, willing to stand up for what we believe in and will stop at nothing in their mission to take on our adversaries, fight real battles and lead a global movement to save these charismatic ocean predators from extinction.

We are leading a guerrilla movement in the last vestiges where sharks remain. We journey to all corners of the planet to uncover very real threats to sharks and expose the disturbing slaughter of sharks worldwide on our no-holds-barred campaign.

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