We have an amazing wedding film to unveil this afternoon - and we're so proud to share! Anja, the bride, has been one of the faces of The Knot for several years so some of you planning your wedding might recognize her. Anja and the Clark+Walker team have known each other for a while, usually during long, rain soaked Bridal Market weeks rushing around NYC together photographing dozens of fashion shows. Anja decided to change things this time around - by graciously hosting us out in the dessert (talk about a different setting) for her wedding :)

Besides having a fabulous backdrop like the Tanque Verde Ranch, and a killer hip couple, all the behind the scenes and vendors gave this celebration life and creativity. And while it's always great to see and work with friends we've worked with before like Mel Barlow and Tim Wilkins, it's also nice to meet new people like Laura Wright, Allan Zepeda, and the many cowboy boot wearing staff at the Tanque Verde Rance.

I was also grateful for my other West Coast hosts, Abbey+Morgan from the Story is Told. They operate a cinema company in Arizona and shooting together was incredible (hope to do it again on the East Coast next time!).

I hope all of you have even half as much fun re-living this incredible wedding as we did filming it. Thank you both so, so much for allowing us to share in your wedding.

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