Title - D&AD - The New Fourscore: 4Seven - Ident
Type - Motion Graphics & Animation
Year - 2013
Client - Northumbria University


A 15 second ident created for a brief for 4/7 (new Channel 4 service) provided by the D&AD Student Awards competition.

To answer the brief, in this project I wanted to create a new and energetic way of representing what 4Seven does.

I identified the objective of 4Seven as bringing back popular media from the past 7 days into the present. To incorporate this idea into my project, I focused on the original 1982 Channel 4 theme, 'Fourscore' by Lord David Dundas and created audio reactive visuals in TouchDesigner and carried out Post-Processing of them in After Effects.

The visuals created are focused around a number of key words I isolated from the brief and from the 4Seven website such as 'Buzz', 'Creating...Most Noise'. 'Frequency' and 'Chopped Up, Mixed Up, Served Up'.

I focused on the idea of bringing back something old and from the past into the modern day in a fresh new way - similar to the way Channel 4's 4Seven Channel does.

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