As we adjust to an ever increasing high-tech embedded way of life, a future where buildings, our home and rooms become aware of us seems ever more plausible. Spaces will change over time to adapt to our needs or to new trends. The complexity of such systems confronts us with questions such as reliance and the blind trust in invisible technology. Small errors can proliferate and create unforeseen consequences.

Side Effects is an installation with a repulsive sense of touch. The installation projects a sense of ugliness, a growth that suggests something alive and abnormal. What initially triggers an emotional response of disgust, quickly turns into curiosity.

Simple bodily interaction results in agitation and light responses emitting from the installation. It „digests“ loudness as pulsating light propagating throughout space. If a visitor dares to come closer or even touch one of the hanging blisters, she shouldn't be surprised by their increasingly agitated movement. The sense of growth is perceived through different sized ulcers as well as dead ones on the floor.

The projects opens a new possibility of experimenting with unconventional, interactive materials by applying them to a futuristic architectural scenario that contrasts mainstream smart home technologies.

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