Our goal was to promote Disney's Aulani Hawaiian resort through a unique interactive cross device experience that will delight children of all ages.

In a direct collaboration with Disney Resorts, we developed a hybrid HTML and Flash experience for the web, mobile and tablet devices. The experience brings to life the story of the Menhune, the mythical wooden creatures who built the Aulani resort under the glowing Hawaiian moon. Users are guided through the moving storybook by the voice of a friendly owl named Pueo. The storybook unfolds vertically like a beautiful waterfall as the user travels down from the starry night sky into a lush Hawaiian rain forest where the Menehune are busily constructing Aulani. The characters and the environments were all hand illustrated by children's artist Nidhi Chennai. We then animated and layered them into space to give the feel of a three dimensional pop up book.

Along their journey through the ancient tale, users are prompted to create and share four keepsakes representative of Hawaiian culture. The "name generator" lets users choose a constellation to best represent their Hawaiian spirit, the "music maker" lets users generate authentic Hawaiian music through instruments such as drums, acoustic guitar and the classic Ukulele, the "frame builder" lets users select a Facebook photo and place it inside a hand carved wooden frame that they can decorate and the "lei builder" lets users create a custom lei they can put around themselves or a person of their choosing. The only thing missing is the "I got lei'd in Hawaii" t-shirt.

The experience just went live, stay tuned for the results.

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