Casey and Kelly Holzworth started Kelsey's Quarter Acre Farm outside of Saratoga, NY to expand their growing vegetable garden. Within a couple years, they set up a market to sell their produce and are now looking for ways to continue diversifying their farm, while keeping it a small and sustainable operation.

Located on land leased through Saratoga P-L-A-N's land easement program, their goal for the farm is to put the land they need into agricultural production, while preserving the natural landscape and protecting the environment.

Last year, they started a quarter acre hops yard that now fields 300 plants and has peaked the interest of local breweries looking to buy New York State grown hops. Beyond simply their love of craft beer, the Holzworths believe hops are an ideal investment because although it takes a lot of work to start the yard, it does not require constant upkeep over time.

Casey isn't worried about not having enough breweries to sell to - he thinks their biggest "problem" will be not having enough hops to meet the demand. He thinks part of the goal of the Farm Brewery Act was to help create this kind of opportunity - to conserve land for agricultural production while also tapping into a new market. Learn more about Hopped Upstate here:

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