The Listen Art Show on 3-29-13 at AM Studios 409b W 39th St, Manhattan, NY 10018

Forward by Kleaver Cruz:

Listen /ˈlisən/

1. To pay attention to sound

2. To hear something with thoughtful attention; give consideration

3. To be alert to catch an expected sound

We ask you tonight to pay thoughtful attention to all that you may experience. Sound may manifest itself in more than something your ears can consume. It may find its way into your eyes as you listen for what each artist has chosen to convey through their work. It may find itself in your heart and mind as you become fully aware of this space and what lies within it. Convince yourself that listening is an act that may involve more than one sense and that once you are committed to being fully present to tonight’s work, you too will have a story that is worth listening to. Tonight, we charge you to both listen and be listened to.

Contact info for the artist in the show is as follows:

Danielle Rocio (the drawings of the girls with tattoos/pregnant)

GTO ("White Series" Paintings)

Lizzy Diaz (Large colorful pieces)

Ludwin F. (Skateboard piece)

Mallory Contois (Geometric shape painting)

Mally Hennessey (Biggie drawing and Girl with mask on)

Nelson Salcedo (Photo Series)

IceColdBeers (Jose R.) (Drawing Series)

MD Sane (Didn’t show art but I still want to give him props)

Performances by:

Frankie Reese (Fool’s Gold poem)

Audubon (Unreleased track “Alex III”)

Faze (Fire track)

GTO (Slangston Hughes track)

The Delta (Kleav C. & Paula R.) (Spoken Word piece)

Music in video by:
Frankie P

Hosted by:
Nneka aka Coco

Music during show by:
DJ Zev

I look forward to creating many more shows and working with all of these talented folks again and more!

Organized by Walter C. aka Walt

I'm always up for collaborations. Find me!
instragram: @2oceans
email me:


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