Cinepoem Collection by Catherine Alice and Annie Ferguson

For their Spring quarter in Non-Fiction Media: Sustainability and Justice at the Evergreen State College, Catherine and Annie embarked on a 10 week immersive experiment with cinépoetry. With their program themes in mind: sustainability and social justice, they crafted a collection of cinépoems. This is their collection.

1. Traces by Annie Ferguson
2. Come The Apocalypse by Catherine Michaelis
3. Jonah and the Shark by Annie Ferguson
4. An untitled cinépoem by Catherine Alice Michaelis
5. Here by Annie Ferguson and Catherine Alice Michaelis

Project Statement: Catherine and Annie believe that when they exercise self-expression they inevitably reveal certain limiting beliefs and judgments within society and within themselves. They further believe that poetry and media can join forces to activate and inspire social change. These five cinépoems aim to do just that.

You can find each individual cinépoem on their vimeo pages: - Annie's Catherine's

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