I was approached by Denature to do a music video in a similar style to "Turn of the screw" vimeo.com/23522578/ . So i set off with my brother (Steve) to see if we could come up with a visual sister piece for Turn of the screw. The video is in the same narrative style as requested by the band. I could go into a whole spiel about what the video represents to us and how it fits into the visual landscape of the song. But hopefully it will have it's own identity for each interpretation. So, we asked if any actors would like to work for orange juice and it seems quite a few did. We Story boarded, hired some costumes (which blew the budget) and then had a period of 4-5 hours shooting time. I would like to thank all those who came. It was great fun and i apologise if you did not get into the final cut.

Anyhoo..lets get to the particulars..

All character footage was shot green screen.
Camera - Sony NEX-FS700 - video shoot time in total 5 hours.
Post production/VFX and 3d set build - about 7 weeks when i could in between working hours.
Packages used - Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4d
Essentials - Red Giant software, Mettle products, Element 3d, Optical flares, GSG transform

Concept - Chris & Steve
Direction - chris & Steve
Set/props - Chris & Steve
Effects and post production - Chris
3d - Chris
Lighting - Chris

Anna Leigh Middelton
Andrew Neale
Liam Grahame Olsen
Jenny Christina Bill
Helen coverdale
Sophie Gallagher
Jake Watson
Ayleigh Heslop
Steven Craig Heslewood
Eunice Lam
Alan Lam
Brian White
Dorothy White

Sally Couch - Costumes

Special Thanks to:
Sunderland University - media/putnam centre, Design Centre
Geoffrey Yanez Aranzueque
Jason Kwok
Michael White
Jason Hares
Nicholas Glean
Rosalind Allen
Debbie Smith
Connor lavelle
Anna Stubs

Music produced by Gav Richard s and written by anna Leigh Middleton and Richard Champney

Anyway having waffled on what's more important is i hope you like it. But either way we thank you for watching.

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