Directed by Pierre Chenal, Script by Pierre Chenal and Le Corbusier, Sub-titles by Le Corbusier
Music by Albert Jeanneret | Produced by the review Architecture d'aujourd'hui, 35 mm, b&w, time 11 min.

"In 1930 the director Pierre Chenal gave up three films to the modern architecture of Perret Brothers, Robert Mallet Stevens, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The three films are Batir, Architecture d'aujourd'hui and Trois chantiers. The short films analyse the modern building advantages in the technical point of view, showing the builder's yard work, where new revolutionary materials are used; in the functional point of view, showing the space and light distribution inside the building; in the aesthetic point of view, showing the rational project beauty and in the economic point of view, showing the current production buildings where the costs are much low"
by L. Ciacci on 'Movies' Column, Planum. The Journal of Urbanism,

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