Watch the short film for Sven Helbig’s latest album “Pocket Symphonies” released on Deutsche Grammophon.
Pocket Symphonies are twelve symphonic pearls in the form of songs. Short, catchy and yet with the immensity and depth of great classic symphonies, they draw on centuries of power and glory. Helbig’s emotional symphonic images for orchestra and piano are closely connected to his life, experiences, aspirations and also the voids between epochs, systems and continents – and yet, they all have one thing in common:  they are reminiscent of film music.
 “When one writes a three-and-a-half-minute symphony, a song is automatically created” Helbig states. “There is a genetic relationship; but in a song, one has to express within just a few bars what a symphony affords a whole movement for expressing. However, if one compresses a symphony in all of its dimensions of length, dynamics and emotions, then a song is what remains - whether one likes it or not; it doesn’t work any other way. In this respect, the Pocket Symphonies are in fact symphonic songs.”
Pocket Symphonies on Deutsche Grammophon:
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