Lorentz Lyceum

The Lorentz Lyceum is a secondary school for MAVO, HAVO, VWO AND bilingual (English) education. However, most people will be familiar with the school as a result of the Facebook Murder. The school was involved in a collective trauma, after classmate Joyce ('Winsie') was murdered by 15-year-old Jinhua on January 19, 2012. Reason: 15-year-old Joyce had been gossiping about her girlfriend Polly (also 15 and a student at the Lorentz Lyceum) on Facebook. Polly paid Jinhua twenty euros to kill Joyce. He did. During the attack he also injured her father seriously. Jinhua, who did not attend Lorentz and came from Capelle aan den IJssel, was sentenced to 1 year in prison plus TBS, the highest punishment for offenders under 16. Polly was given two years youth detention plus 3 years TBS, including 1 year probation, for incitement. That’s why Lorentz Lyceum courageously decided to take the challenge and cross the line with the classes that have been through this.

Annemarie van Lanen – Principal

“We have kept the media out of the loop since the murder of our student Joyce (Winsie) Hau*, but for Over de Streep we made an exception. The production crew had informed us (parents, students, MR and coworkers) really well and we decided to take the challenge. The reaction from our coworkers after they heard that we were participating was mixed, and everyone had the choice whether to be involved in Challenge Day. A couple of weeks ago we saw the preview, and had a chance to offer comments and give our permission to broadcast. The production crew was really careful in this process. For our 4th graders the Challenge Day was in the studio and for our 3rd graders the Challenge Day was at school without cameras. All the students had an important role during the days, some of them a big one in the series like the best friend of Joyce.

We see our participation in the Challenge Day, as far as this is possible, as a completion of an internal process due to the loss of our student Joyce. But not only that, it is really special to see how students open up in no time and how they show their emotions. They impress each other by telling their stories about bullying, situations at home or negative behavior. We can also use this in class now as a reference. It is really precious.”

*In the media they speak of the Facebook Murder.

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