“While participating in The Oceania Project's 2006 Whale Research Expedition and having witnessed the demise of a Humpback mother with calf who had been caught in crab pot lines, I reviewed the footage of the mother's cadaver being devoured by over thirty large sharks.

I then had a series of very vivid dreams. I wrote down their essence in a series of short tales which I offered to my youngest son Noé on his twelfth birthday.

The tales evolved into short films featuring the Humpback Whales and Dolphins of Hervey Bay to which I added, with the kind permission of Canyon Records, North American cedar flute performed by Mr. R. Carlos Nakai rcarlosnakai.com

These tales stir in me a remembrance of the near extermination of the once great nation of Cetacea during the latter half of the last millennium; a fate which many human nations suffered during the same period of time.

We as the new generation of caretakers of the planet Earth have learnt from the mistakes of our elders and are helping nurture the Rebirth of a Species.”

Where did the Whale Spirit go?
Where did the Whale Spirit go?
Did the shark eat the Whale Spirit?

Did you see the Whale Spirit?
In the sky?

Now we know you gentle whale!
The secret of your Spirit Tale!

Eleven Sisters in the Sky!
Seven only to the Eye!
Orion? Taurus? Gemini?
Where did the Whale Spirit go?

Now we know we reason why!
Reflections of your Spirit Sky!

Where did the Whale Spirit go?

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