The project takes its cue from the French novel by T. Jonquet "Tarantula" then played in the movie by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar "The Skin I Live In"
It was born as a performance on the predominant theme about identity defence. What's identity? Who can really know? Why is there still a need to confuse "gender identity" with "gender role"? Biological sex, gender identities and roles are complementary?
Through social, sexual, psychological and biological analysis it comes out that there are four different realities:
-The Biological Sex
-Gender Identity
-Gender Role
-Sexual Orientation
[...] Gender and sex are two separate things, even though the two words are often used interchangeably. Sex is a physical element whereas "Gender" is a component of identity which is placed in the brain.

A work by Gennaro Maione

Dancer: Gennaro Maione
Light Designer: Marco Perrella
Video: Federica Capo
production: Palco 11zero8
co-production: Korper, ArtGarage

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