Astral Therapy of Thomas Nordwest -

With Astral Therapy of Thomas Nordwest you get your personal healing sounds for your well-being.

12 is a magic number in the universe. There are 12 months, 12 body chakras, 12 zodiac signs, the musical scale has 12 notes and all these scales and classifications coincide perfectly when placed on the color wheel of the visible light spectrum. All this knowledge is based on the mathematical calculations namely the harmonies of the universe that were already made thousands of years before our time and still has absolute validity.

Every person vibrates in the great symphony of the universe at his or her particular frequency which can be calculated very accurately with date of birth, place of birth and birth minute. Your natal chart is composed of the rising sign and the ascendant and offers strengths and opportunities. To meet the opportunities in your life easier, Thomas Nordwest has calculated the corresponding harmonic sounds and translated them into music. For example, rising sign Libra with Leo ascendant sounds different to Sagittarius with Leo ascendant. Please listen to the examples in the video

Harmonize your life with the power of the resonating cosmos and order your personal astral therapy now!

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