Reaccleration in Florida Housing Market Forecasted in Second Half of 2013
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The year’s strong start, faded late in the first quarter across many key economic indicators, but this likely is a temporary one, according to Fannie Mae’s Economic Research Group.
Activity slowed in recent months, however a modest reacceleration is expected in the second half of the year as the labor market regains traction further forecasted improvement in financial and housing market conditions. Overall, the Group expects growth of 2.2% for all of 2013.
“Our May forecast predicts that the 2nd half of 2013 will be a little stronger than the 1st half.
Employment numbers are getting better, Spending grew in the 1st quarter at a surprisingly strong pace,
Consumers continue to show signs of resilience in the face of fiscal concerns.
The housing market continues to grow at a sustainable, if not yet robust pace.
Housing is expected to act as a tailwind for the economy throughout the year and into 2014, even though there may be short term ups and downs in overall economic activity.

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