6 June 2013

Prime Minister Erdoğan is back home from his trip abroad in North Africa (where the King of Morocco refused to welcome him). He has been welcomed home by his homogenous crowd with standard issued flags at Atatürk airport. Meanwhile the multifarious public now occupying Gezi Park and Taksim square have been under routine gas attacks from police for the past week, and fear an escalation. As well as protesters in major cities all over Turkey, they have suffered sever physical violence from the State for their actions. The death toll is currently at 2 nationwide as protesters continue to insist on their democratic right to assembly, and the protection of public space from private enclosure. They insist on their right to self-, political, and creative expression. They really appreciate your solidarity by signing the petition(s) below, staging an action at a Turkish embassy, or occupying your own private/public space, and resisting the worldwide trend of Neo-liberal privatisations and enclosures.

In big fun, love and solidarity.


Amnesty Online

Amnesty - Send a real life letter


Big Love, Inner City (1988)

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