“Longina” is the first great Latin American musical film of the 21st century. An updating of the novelesque melodrama with a contemporary visual language and original music inspired by the Caribbean. “Longina” is the reconstruction, with modern visual language, of a legendary time and place: Havana in the 50s. A cultural center at its height that seems futuristic and luminous to a simple girl from La Palma. Longina is the prism through which we see reality, and the musical numbers she creates in her head help us to understand her emotional torment. In those musical numbers with which Longina interprets reality, we will see, amidst unreal settings, a parade of lying emigrants, resuscitated boyfriends, dead mothers and proud prostitutes. All the numbers will be original songs performed in the style of that time and they will play a fundamental role in the narrative.

This teaser has been developing as a kind of example of what these musical moments would be.

Longina: Ruth Armas
Director: Chedey Reyes
Director of Photography: Teresa Ruano
Art Director: Elena Gonca
Post production: Juan Carlos Cruz
Producers: Pedro Carballido, María Sanz-Esteve.
Production companies: Machango Studio, Dunes Films.
Music: Gonzalo Díaz Yerro, Carlos Oramas, Germán G. Árias.

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