ICAAC 2013 (icaac.org) is designed to meet the needs of health care professionals, particularly physicians, clinical microbiologists, researchers, and pharmacists, specializing in infectious diseases. Current trends will be covered regarding:

Antimicrobial Resistance
Clinical Trials
Community-Acquired Infections
Epidemiology Pharmacology
HIV/AIDS and other Retroviruses
Laboratory Diagnostics
Microbial Pathogenesis
Nosocomial Infections
Susceptibility Studies
Travel Medicine
Vaccines and Immunology


ICAAC 2013 scientific program offers an educational forum which:

Disseminates new data from research of basic microbiological sciences related to human disease;
Updates medical professionals on clinical diagnoses, preventative modalities and therapeutics;
Investigates the pathogenesis and epidemiology of old and new microbes;
Evaluates the spread of infectious diseases throughout the world;
Analyzes the developing resistance of pathogens to divers therapeutics;
Introduces new antimicrobial agents; and
Considers the most recent trends in healthcare management.

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