May 30th 2013 was a special day for many reasons. One reason was because this happened ( The other was crazy, but in a different way.

The fantastic studio where I work, [Bruton Stroube] was hosting a party for the St. Louis Egotists Kegs with Legs. We were expected a lot of people, and I could think of no better time than propose to my then girlfriend. The DJ stopped the music, and about 200 people gathered around a TV to watch this. She knew really quickly where this was going and was trying to hold herself together.

The weeks before were a very crazy time for me with other jobs all over the place, I knew what I wanted to do but didn't have much time to do it. I ended up enlisting the help of some of my very talented friends that were happy to help.

Alex Deaton, a crazy good animator and helped me immeasurably with animating type. Because of the time crunch this would have been a much less interesting video. []

Katie Sinclair helped with laying out some of the text on the front end, she's a super talented designer, you should look at her stuff. []

Kelly Latiolais, my sister, was here working as an intern for a few weeks. I was lucky to have her help with sketching out my dog and cat.

David Kerins, in a last minute effort, helped me pick out a new music track and some sound design.

In this modern world where twitter brought my future wife and I together, I thought a modern proposal would be the way to go.

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