"With the launch of our Kickstarter in mid July, we will be releasing a video series called #mypurpose during the duration of our preparation. #mypurpose is the back bone of why this company came to exist!

Everyone has their own purpose why they do what they do! For example: A football player. They love the competitiveness. They practice and workout every single day for 4-5 hours at a time. They want to be the best they can be! One might say they love the physical aspect of the game and taking hits, harder and harder every time just to see how much pain they can tolerate. They then take what they know and experience on the field and relate that to real life situations. A lot of the physical and mental aspects in football or any sport for that matter can relate to any everyday situation!

For us at ONE-P, our "one-p" or our "one purpose" is to give back to the people that really need it...the kids. Gym, recess and sports teams are being cut from schools all across the country due to economic instability. Even worse the cutting of these activities are lessening the chance of the next best athlete; also failing to promote that physical and mental activity a sport can teach. Physical activity and team interaction is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle and needs to be taught at a young age.

We strive to create the best clothing out there! We are bringing something new to the table such as innovative designs and overall effectiveness in our apparel, while you the customer with purchases, help keep the dream alive for our youth!

We help you with supplying quality apparel, your purchases help us make more apparel, at the same time we both help the youth of the world continue to stay active, thus making more athletes and healthy humans! No other athletic apparel company is doing this!

Without further adieu, #mypurpose. What's your purpose?"

-Roy Uy (Founder/CEO of ONE-P Apparel)

Facebooke: on.fb.me/180uS9t

Song by: Jahzzar - "Eleveator"

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