Model Reel 2009

A lot of people contributed to making these shots look good, I have tried to use only the shots that focus on my modelling, texturing, shaders and rigging contributions specific to characters.

Particular thanks go to Tom Marley, Dean Elliot, Zoran Bosnjak, Saw C, Dan Hourigan, Dan Nguyen, Dave King and Gary Pate.

Shot Breakdown:
Shot 01 - Fury, face mesh, shader, texture, lighting, rigging and emotes.
Shot 02 - Dragon Age, face mesh, texture, lighting, character shaders and emotes.
Shot 3-6 - Fury, face mesh, shader, texture and emotes.
Shot 7 - Sacred2, face mesh and emotes, foreground character shaders and texture.
Shot 8 - Sacred2, face mesh, emotes, character shaders, texture and lighting.
Shot 9 - Sacred2, face mesh, emotes, skin shader and texture.
Shot 10 - Sacred2, Dryad face mesh and texture, character shaders.
Shot 11-13 - Jurassic Hunter, face mesh, emotes, texture, lighting and shader.
Shot 14-16 - 3 Station Pier, body mesh, emotes, texture and shader.
Shot 17-20 - Depression, character mesh, emotes, texture and shader.
Shot 21-25 - Museum of Victoria, character mesh, texture and shader.

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