Josh Planz Rigging Reel •

*Everything Rigged in Maya*

Dynamis - School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis Animation

Dynamis - Reaper Rig
- Key features include a switch between ‘death from below’ mode with six legs and retractable tail, and ‘death from above’ mode where the legs converted to wings with a shelf button, wings conformed to legs movements and had controls for opacity and incandescence.

Dynamis - Dynamis Rig
- Key features include animatable constrain switches for the head and antennae to follow chest, body, global and world.

Dynamis - Assault Rifle Rig
- Key features include an animatable, movable global pivot.

Dynamis - Aura Rig
- Key features include a completely bone and curve based face rig with fleshy eyes, and sticky controls for the lips. Also, armor had controls to prevent penetration.

A Wizard Did It - Dippy Character rig for Thesis animation
- Rigged ‘Dippy’ character model for Adam Momsen. Key features include detached limbs with animatable constraints, secondary fan controls, and a good/evil Dippy switch that unlocked extra features controlling wings on the feet, back and head

02:02 Perception of Consequence - fluid-evolving forms rig
-Rigged all creatures in this experimental short for Volvox Labs.

Monster Cupcake - Personal Project
- Key features include a switch for monster transformation and stretchy joints. Animation and idea by Jisoo Rim.

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