Director: Ryan Winfield King
Producer: Ryan Winfield King
Executive producer: Kyle Parsons
Directors of Photography: Julian Bendana, Ros Rybalov (The Megapixel)
Editor: Julian Bendana
Talent: Mariel Gomsrud
Talent: Marita Gomsrud
Talent: Jon Uher
Talent: Zak Shelhamer
Talent: Artie Dorr
Talent: Zac Taylor
Talent: Beau Caillouette
Talent: Keenan Brown
Talent: Adel White
Talent: Seraph
Dog talent: Deezle(the wonder dog)/ Poncho
Talk Of Shamans: Eric Alban, Joey Buttitta, Ian Idels- Band
Stylist: Kenya Stabler/ Frank Fang
Branding Stylist: Kai Paul
Production Assistant: Jessica Medina
Production Assistant: Jason Patton
Production Assistant: Ryan Legaspi
Production Assistant: John Cooper

Music: Talk of Shamans- "Coconut Case"

Special Thanks to:

ForLove Productions

The MegaPixel

CaliCraft Brewing Company

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