Audio Post Production work for an innovative Wildlife Documentary Show dedicated for children. Sound Design was achieved using foley (recording sound in sync with the image), ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement), studio & location recordings, editing, and mixing.

Chris Holmes: Producer/Director, Wildlife Camera Operator, Writer & Puppeteer
Tiago Reis: Video Editing, Compositing & Motion Graphics
Martin Adamson: Lighting Cameraperson & Key grip
Maggie Fox: Voiceover artist (Scientist)
Malcolm Raeburn: Voiceover artist (News Anchor & Simon the Shrimp)
Richa Jain: Animator (Simon the Shrimp)
Nazli Rabet: Animator (News Anchor) & Graphic Design
George Konstantinidis: Audio Post Production & Sound Design
Dan Mager: Additional Sound Recording & Sound Design

"Disgusting Discoveries is a children's property which aims to get children (aged 6-9) more physically active and builds their relationship with the natural world around them by engaging them in all that's gross, goey and eugh in nature.
The property will be expressed across many forms of media, focused around a 'magazine-format' TV show hosted by a cast of animated 'bugs' (invertebrates) and featuring a range of regular 'columns', outside broadcasts, current affairs and special reports compered by a 'news desk' emcee. Media comprises a mixture of animation for the presenters, live-action for the other plants and wildlife and computer graphics to explain any detailed science.
The tone is meant to be irreverent and funny, able to laugh at itself and its subject matter. It uses natural history as the basis of its presenter's humour (e.g. Gypsy (a moth) who is the 'nightlife' reporter but always gets distracted by lights, Tic & Tock (tics) who provide celebrity (Lions, Polar Bears etc.) news but never get the interview and end up trying to suck their blood.
The first episode of Disgusting Discoveries intends to be used as a 'proof of concept' and was created by a production team drawn from the MA courses in Animation, Post-production, Wildlife Documentary Production and Audio Production Msc at Salford University." Tiago Silva

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