These are original songs I have composed. I also added som images so you do not need too looka at a black screen while listening. The skethes and paintings are made by me, the UM2 Game is programmed by Robert Träffe with graphics by Tomas Hertz Orre. The images of the cosmos is from NASAs Hubble telescope.
The clip is over 7 minutes, but music needs to take its time. :)

The game Underwater Mayhem 2 is nominated in the Europrix Multimedia Award 2009. In November we will be partivipating at the event and have the chance to win.

The songs in order:

1. Perseverance
2. Ghost Hunter

Underwater Mayhem 2 soundtrack and soundFX
3. UM2 - Song nr.4
4. UM2 - Song nr.1
5. UM2 - Song nr.2
6. UM2 - Song nr.3

7. Mr.B
8. Expected Experience
9. Calling Cosmos (Orchestral)
10. Calling Cosmos (Piano)

For full versions and more information visit my homepage:

On my homepage you can also find a couple of short animated movies I have made with special written music.

Please do not use, alter or spread these songs without my permission. I have worked hard making them.
Thanks to Robert Träffe and Tomas Hertz Orre, without you guys, I would not have the opportunity to create in game sounds and music.

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