A voice heretofore webbed in silence will speak according to the Bible's request:, "Let the Spirit and the Bride say Come" (Revelation 22:17) . Deeply embedded suppositions must decrease, the true word of manifest realizations must increase...

Clever triangulations meant to be a geometry of story to answer the Mary Magdalene puzzle -- suddenly fall apart as the real story of manifest truth is told.

Wake up sleeping beauty, fairest among women, your cheeks are comely, your neck is laced with gold strands.
Who is this that comes with perfumed, myrrh, frankincense and the powders of a merchant? O daughter of Sion, my love, my spouse, your ointments are spikenard, saffron, calamus and cinnamon.
In the temple of your head my love, I have seen you are marked with pomegranate in the locks of your hair as a true sign that you are from the Father's House.

(Portions in this section are scattered throughout "THE SONG OF SOLOMON" MIC Version.

Last weeks teaching on Mary Magdalene had listeners both sitting and standing, crying and shouting..

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