Love can Shatter Your Life into a thousand pieces. When two girls vie for the love of Lead Singer Tom Huestis in the band SoulSwitch he struggles to decide which path to take. The anguish and questions Tom has sends him on a excursion into an abandoned warehouse where he finds a shattered mirror that puts him in a trance. Inside Tom's head he splits into two personalities that must fight each other while his world shatters around him. Tom must must decide which girl is his destiny or destroy himself in the progress.

Starring Tom Huestis, Cameron Gagne, Ali Roberts, and SoulSwitch

Directed by: Adam Arnali
Produced by: Valensky Sylvain
Associate Producer: Kevin Welch
Director of Photography: Brandt Hackney
Production Designer: Elyssa Bloom
Make Up & Hair: Whitney Costner and Rachael King
Grip & Electric Navid John Namazi & Samuel Fontanez

Review from by Rick Florino, "The clip plays out like a mini-movie complete with a whole lot of broken glass, two smoking hot chicks, and a Fight Club-esque story. In other words, it's beyond badass..."
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